• Location Woluwe St-Lambert
  • Capacity 180 people
  • Sector Life sciences
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BLSI is an incubator which is particularly suited for providing personalized support for young companies in the health and life sciences sectors. It mainly handles projects lined to e-health, medical devices and biotechnologies. In addition to its modern infrastructure, that includes offices of various sizes and well-equipped laboratories, BLSI offers immersion in a beneficial ecosystem thanks to its location on the campus of Brussels UCL. 29 companies are now incubated by BLSI.

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BLSI - Brussels Life Science Incubator

Clos Chapelle-aux-Champs, 30
1200 Brussel
Tel.+32 (0)2 880 62 00

What people are saying about us

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BLSI is the ideal structure for a young start-up launching its project in a sector with issues as vast as those of the Health sector. It provides full and immediate access to the incubator's network, allowing companies to grow alongside successful industrialists, regulatory specialists and experts in intellectual property. Regular and friendly support from the BLSI team has greatly facilitated the creation of links between my young company and regional organizations such as Ampulse and Innoviris, whose financial support has helped us to take on more ambitious projects with a greater peace of mind. The strategic positioning of the BLSI at the Saint-Luc campus is another important asset for a company working in the health sector. The implementation of clinical studies is facilitated and relationships of trust can immediately be established with researchers and academics. Lastly, of course, a word about the friendliness and smiles of the BLSI teams that make it easier to face the challenges that all companies encounter in their early years! Vincent Foumenteze


As a start-up in the field of health, we needed a favorable environment for our development at the time of our creation, this is why we chose the premises of BLSI, which allowed us to see almost its birth ( in 2012) and especially its evolution with the arrival of many other start-ups related from near or far to the medical field. The integration of an organization like BLSI has been very profitable for several reasons because, besides the professional follow-up by Gianluigi Arialdi and all his team, it allowed us to meet other companies and people with whom certain exchanges of ideas have allowed us to better refocus. It is essential when you are a young start-up (in any field) not to remain locked up and to be able to easily network and meet the most people from various backgrounds. And that's what the BLSI does best, stimulating these exchanges and meetings. Erard the Beau of Hemricourt, MD


BLSI quickly emerged as a rational choice due to its prices, the services it offers and its geographical situation. BLSI is one of the few incubators to offer bright laboratories with spacious worktops at competitive prices. We then had the pleasure of meeting the team, which Domobios has regularly called on with problems as varied as searching for good contacts with bankers, financiers and companies, finding help, organising events and obtaining independent opinions about Domobios’ strategy. Last but not least, the team is really approachable and the atmosphere is great. The BLSI, an incubator that brightens up your entire day. Anne-Catherine Mailleux



BLSI provides much more than just an office space: being surrounded by life science entrepreneurs is so easy. The community is strong and willing to help, the office is centrally-located and easily accessible, parking is also available. The staff are super nice and always ready to solve problems. Sidar Ok

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