The incubator to finance your start-up: 2,400 m2 of office space and the help of EEBIC Venture investment fund managers!


  • EEBIC VENTURE: known for the quality of its network of experts, EEBIC Venture provides assistance services to firms, including implementation of their business plans, legal, accounting, tax advice services and assistance services for financing.  7 key partners are part of EEBIC Venture: Theodorus, Be Angels, Sherpa, Look&Fin, Transfund & Innovation Fund.  Check out the Venture services!


  • EEBIC WORKSPACE: responding to market flexibility needs, EEBIC Workspace offers variable geometry solutions for business accommodation. Packages include the rental of private offices, co-working spaces and meeting rooms, as well as numerous business facilitation services.  Check out the Workspace deals!



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