Brussels' first network of ultra-integrated incubators

We strive to make your startup thrive!

Explore is the first network of ultra-integrated incubators, located in four key areas of the capital. We provide a wide range of adjustable facilities, personalised coaching, numerous services and a lively community of interest. Ready to take your startup to the next level ?


All-in Fee

At, the principle is simple : you pay a fixed monthly fee for all the services and resources provided. This means no additional fees, add-ons or taxes. So, you can bid a farewell to all those monetary concerns and end-of-month surprises.

Flexible Formula

We know that an enterprise evolves and needs an adequate space to develop. This is why we offer a flexible formula to rent private spaces : you decide when to expand or reduce the surface you need. Our aim is to help you expand your business until you are ready to make your own way.

Matching Ecosystem

We have four thematic incubators specialising in a specific field. Your start-up is guaranteed to find an ideally oriented environment and resources that fit your purpose.

Knowledgeable support

No growth is achievable without learning. This is why we decided to provide a wide variety of coaching and counsellors to enable you to be in total control of your project.

Our incubators


BLSI supports your start-up in the life sciences and health field thanks to a lively academic community, an environment which encourages the drive to innovate, a personalised support and the resources that you need.




Created 25 years ago to manage a gigantic hosting space for start-ups, EEBIC has widened its spectrum of activities considerably by establishing a series of channels dedicated to the financing of entrepreneurial projects.




Greenbizz supports projects that focus on sustainability and the circular economy. This incubator offers modular offices and production facilities as well as a fab lab. Welcome to our growing community of entrepreneurs.


Brussels City


ICAB is a great place to kick-start and grow your tech venture. Empower your network with deep ecosystem contacts and get the coaching you need.  We understand growth. Join today and let’s scale together!