Brussels Life Science Incubator

Gianluigi Arialdi

Gianluigi Arialdi

director BLSI

"BLSI is the place where the ecosystem of Brussels' health, both economic and academic, is concentrated. The unique range of services for this sector, in and around Brussels (50 km away), significantly increases the chances of success for young innovative companies."

Great community

Find synergies in a community of like-minded young entrepreneurs with a passion for technological innovation, health and life sciences.

Top Infrastructure

Alongside our modern infrastructure, including offices of various sizes and well-equipped laboratories, we offer immersion in a beneficial ecosystem thanks to our location at the Brussels campus of UCLouvain.

Personalised support

Expand your innovative technological, health or life sciences business project thanks to personalised support and services.

Flexible all-in solutions for hosting young and innovative business projects in the sphere of technology, life and health sciences

Flexible spaces in line with specific needs of your business and provided at any time: different sizes of (shared) offices, laboratory spaces, meeting rooms, reception,...
In vivo testing and access to research facilities of the Brussels UCLouvain University
Personalised coaching and services tailored to the nature of your project and the growth of your business.

A unique ecosystem entirely dedicated to technological innovation in life and health sciences where you can

Network and create synergies with like-minded start-up companies within the same sector
Welcome suppliers, partners and clients in a professional environment
Access UCLouvain's technological platforms and offer to collaborate with the “Cliniques universitaires Saint-Luc”.

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